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ALBUM The Beatbox Album ARTIST Bear Who ? LABEL Dust Traxx Chicago GENRE House FORMAT Digital Download RELEASE DATE 30-12-2008 RELEASE PRICE $ 25.42 DISCOUNT PRICE $ 17.79
Bear Who? That man behind international hit "Fix My Sink" which hit the UK billboard& BBC radio charts for 13 straight weeks, brings his next hit to Chicago based Dust Traxx label, which in the course of 10 years has managed to release some of the biggest names in house music today. The "Beatbox Album" is a "futuristic" digital get-down mixed with sexy ladies, sweaty dancefloors and steamy hot beats. It's seduction without romance, penetration without pretense, this is the future sound of hip hop with a house edge, let's face it "sweat" (=sex) sells and that is exactly what you'll get here. Mind crushing pop music from the future. Whether it's the percolating synth stabs and frantic stuttering rhythm or the crisp scratched chicken-greasy funk, there's certainly something for everybody! This is dance music with no boundaries, no limits and dares to go where most haven't dared to explore; the result: infectious hooks and contagious rhymes make this an album to remember!