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Born to house? These two New York producers are. They have stamped the post-Twilo dance scene with their signature brand of mischievous thumpage. Whether they are mixing, remixing, or creating tracks of their very own, the boys of Astro&Glyde are making some of the naughtiest house music around. It’s no wonder that John Digweed has labeled their music “the sleazy sound of New York”. And these boys couldn’t be prouder of such descriptions. But what may truly surprise people is the long and arduous path that each man took to get to the Lower East Side. What follows may shock some, but it nonetheless must be told to understand the madness that is Astro&Glyde.

In the early seventies, German scientists were hard at work developing their latest technological breakthrough, Subliminal Sonic Weaponery (SSW). They began designing what in layman’s terms could be called “the perfect beat”.

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