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Started up in 2002(ish) by Danny Jones and Richard Earnshaw, Duffnote has gone from strength to strength.... resulting in 2 further additions... One51 Recordings and more recently, Guess Records. The 3 labels cover various areas of the dance music scene, but still retain a standard set by the collective experience and years of production and writing. The journey so far has seen a healthy bout of licensing to some of the industries most respected labels & compilations from all over the globe, collaborations with writers known and unknown, production opportunities that span across the whole music scene... and of course all the artists that we have had the opportunity to work with.... To have so many amazing people involved has made the daunting task of running this company a worthwhile and pleasurable one!! In short, passion, drive and ambition is in abundance in camp Duffnote.... and with this, hope to continue it's rising conribution to all things musical. The future is bright, with a handful of album projects in the making from the likes of Earnshaw, One51, Sole Unity and Spiritchaser. Call in at www.duffnote.com for loads more info and goodies...