LABEL Fevah Records URL http://www.southerncrossmusic.co.nz
Over a Decade ago, a dance revolution was born in the back alleys of London's Red Light District, Shoo. It was the first time a bunch of antipodean friends decided that they didn't want to listen to just Hard House or Trance, they wanted both, all and everything under one roof, it was going to be no holds barred dance floor carnage, and they were certainly not going to be taking any prisoners.

There were queues going right down the street, full of excited clubbers of whom were all waiting patiently for the main event, 'Fevah'. This was the beginning of what was to become one of the biggest scenes to ever hit the Dance capital of the world (London), and these people had no idea of what they were about to become founders of, who could ever imagine a scene that constantly changed & kept fresh, people would leave, and twice as many people would join, and all these people would come from different hemispheres, different walks of life, different realities.

In the beginning Fevah was started purely as a members only party, as at that time the back streets of Soho wasn't the most savory of places, the rule was, you had to have a membership card to get in, or be with a known member, and this also made for one hell of an atmosphere as you would normally know everyone in the club.
From there Fevah went on to complete a phenomenal six year run in the UK scene which included bespoke events in some of the UK's hottest nightspots including weekly residencies at Heaven (London), Sound Shaft (London) and 'The Tube' Nightclub (London), and regular guest events at Astoria (London), The Fridge (London), Ministry of Sound (London) and the Infamous Brixton Academy no less.

All this coupled with having held parties in the USA Japan Thailand, Australia and New Zealand and being branded alongside giants such as Nukleuz Recs, Frantic, Sundissential plus to many more to mention, also having been the only brand in the UK to have been given the honor of holding the only official Tony De Vit memorials ever held in London, plus not forgetting the parties they held at Brockwell park london 20000 capacity festivals and successful tours to Ibiza with giants Frantic and running 500-1000 capacity boat parties to Germany and back, Fevah were and always will be a force to be reckoned with.

Fevah records was set up to emulate the sound that created the vibe that was derived from the hundreds of events that were run globally, over 500 in total in front of over 750 000 clubbers, over that period there where over 100 000 albums sold, just to help stamp this brands mark in clubland and the music industry.

Fevah has played host to some of the hard house and trance scenes top artists,
Have a back catalogue that reads more like the who's whose of hard stomping beats, Steve Blake Riksta, Paul Glazy, Phil Reynolds Nick Sentience, Carl Nicholson, Ilogik, Prime mover, F1, Jay Pigeon, but to name a few.

Now after a 2 year hiatus, some well deserved rest, procreation and some well needed Vitamin d, the team from one of the longest running harder edge labels in the world have regrouped to the southern most club paradise in the Globe, New Zealand, and have teamed up with new label southern cross music, and are ready to let loose on the world once again, this time with an array of fine hard fat beats, from producers from within their own back yard, and also some global hard beat masters!!!

New Zealand clubbers have been treated exclusively till now, Now it's the rest of the worlds time to hear the Thunder from down under!!!!!