Azul Blue

ARTIST Various Artists LABEL Future Classic GENRE House, Nu Disco / Indie DURATION 6:39 PRICE $ 1.93
For the last three years Future Classic has been hosting a laidback Sunday afternoon event called Apres (of course this translates for afterin French) at the Tilbury Hotel in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. A BBQ, friendly bar staff and turntables on the balcony in the sunshine have set the scene for these under-the-radar sessions that give guests (always performing unannounced) the chance to play more diverse sets than they would in the club.

To give you an idea of the sound, guests have so far have included Brennan Green, Joakim, Mock&Toof, Lovefingers, Aeroplane, Canyons, Jamie Lloyd, Padded Cell, Idjut Boys, Foolish Felix, Todd Terje, Sidwho?, Loin Brothers, Jazzanova, Karsten John, Jimi Polar, Marcus Worgull, The Revenge, Yam Who?, Peret Mako, Arto Mwamba Move D, Roland Appel, Dave Aju, Trus' Me, Jacques Renault, Will Saul&Woolfy to name a few with residents Nathan McLay and Chad Gillard.

This compilation brings together selected music from the four 12 inch vinyl releases, plus 2 previously unreleased exclusives thrown in for good measure. The compilation begins with one of these debuts, a sunshine filled nylon string slice of balearica from American Tom Croose's Worst Friends project. Mario Basanov ??˜Do You Remember and Touch Sensitive’s modern Italo classic ‘Body Stop’ follows before we dive into the early Hot Chip sounding indie disco of Melbourne’s Clubfeet – ‘Edge of Extreme’s’ being a tune that has led to vocal requests from all corners of the globe. From here we shift down a gear with Pink Frost’s remix of Todd Sparrow, a haunting trajectory into the sunset stratosphere, the Aussie muscle of Sidwho? (also a member of The Swiss and Empire of the Sun) and car-chase disco of the Loin Brothers ‘Heavy Helmet’. TobyTobias presents his swinging number ‘Azul Blue’ and we finish with a swirling slo-mo cosmic exclusive from UK duo Outmode and the vocal ease of Jamie Lloyd and his lovely tune ‘The Wolf’s Sun’.


Ivan Smagghe (Kill The DJ): Loin Brothers ‘Heavy Helmet’ is absolutely fantastic... and i am not a man of many compliments... keep the standards up.
Laurent Garnier (F Communications): As you very well described it, this great car chase disco. Loooved this all my life !!! Full support from me!
Aeroplane (Eskimo): Nice release! Loving Body Stop, very 80's! Great!
Downtown PartyNetwork (Eskimo): All tracks are great! What a package! 10/10
Jennifer Cardini (Kompakt): Greetings from paris ... really like it ...!
Nickolas Chacona (Bearfunk): Excellent Release. Love the dreamy vox. Keep ON!
Rainer Trüby (Compost): Really diggin the todd sparrow. Some nice chunks of “indie disco”
Ly Sander (Drumpoet Community): I'm a big fan of "Edge of the Extremes", love that track, sounds like a hit.
ALBUM Apres Compilation ARTIST Various Artists LABEL Future Classic GENRE House FORMAT Digital Download RELEASE DATE 25-01-2010 RELEASE PRICE $ 19.34 DISCOUNT PRICE $ 15.48